ClipsnStuff - Albany, Oregon - New owner! LOTS of Mags

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    Greetings - Just a short note to let folks know Clips-n-Stuff in Albany is still alive and well with a store front, internet and gun show presence. I have been lucky enough to know the former owner Dave for a good many years and done business with him lots. I also know Kevin, the new owner, and know him to be a straight shooter. Their website and gun show presence does not even begin to touch the amount of merchandise they carry. And although you can buy new Volquartzen 10/22 parts and Leupold Scopes and UTG rails anwhere, you can't get the classic old stuff that will drive you nuts trying to find it.

    They have an AWESOME selection of old and hard to find mags - Need a mag for a Colt Mustang .380? High Standard sport king? beretta 950? Astra 600? CZ 52? Tokarev? Smith and Wesson ANYthing? BLR in .308? AK? 47 or 74? SKS? MINI? Colt 10mm Delta? Desert Eagle? Gali? G-3? M1A? AR? 10-22? Tommy gun? M1 Carbine? STEN gun mag loader? They got it.

    Check them out -

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