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Back by popular demand, and I do mean popular I've had numerous emails and PM's inquiring about it.

This course is not about the Spin-Drift or Aurora Borealis etc.

Have you ever rushed a shot with your rifle? Can you predict your own future in shot control for your next precision shot? If you fire a perfectly controlled shot with your rifle, do you have the blueprint for that shot so you can repeat it, every time, under stress?

The ShotIQ Precision Rifle Course delivers proprietary information on the science of the controlled shot under stress. This course is about the mental side of precision shooting. The student will learn what decisions need to be made in every precision shot, specifically when to make those decisions, and scientifically how to carry those decisions out. This course was built from a lifetime of precision shooting failures and successes. Researching the difference between those successes and failures is what led to the science of Controlled Process Shooting. Your mind was built to keep you safe and protect you from recoil. Unless you know how to consciously defy human nature, you may be practicing your own failure in high stress precision shooting events. Do not be the victim of your own mind, gain the knowledge to reach your accuracy potential.

This course will cover proprietary information and drills including:

• Controlled Process Shooting with the Precision Rifle
• Controlled Process Shooting with the Pistol
• Open and Closed Loop Control Systems
• Environmental Evaluation
• Visual Proprioception and the Science of Aiming
• Shot Control with Positional Shooting
• Equipment Evaluation

Ammunition Requirement - Pistol 200 rounds; Rifle 100 rounds

Cost - 250.00
Last Edited:
Good morning,

This class looks great! A couple of questions:
1.) Is this class designed more for a tactical long rifle or hunting application? I suppose the mechanics are very similar when they aren't the same, although I'm particularly interested in learning long range marksmanship for hunting.

2.) Should I bring both my AR and my 30-06?

3.) Any active mil discounts? The active shooting time we medics get is pretty low during training (prioritizing other craft), but I could think of a couple other folks from my platoon who would be interested.

Answers to your questions;

1 - This class is about what's needed to place your shot correctly every time, be it hunting, long range, tactical etc.

2 - You can bring both

3 - I'm not the one running the course, you'd have to contact the instructor directly;

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