Car Break In [Pictures up on 7/3/2012]

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    On Thursday June 26th around 1am-5am, someone smashed my passenger side window and ran off with some stuff when I was visiting the parents in Beaverton near Walker Road.

    The neighborhood hasn't seen criminal activity until summer started when there was a house break in and two cars, including mine were smash and grabbed.

    The car alarm did not go off because they used either a spark plug or a piece or porcelin to spider the window and poke the glass out. Police report was filed.

    Here what was stolen:

    1. TYR Tactical Basic Plate Carrier
    - Black
    -Like new condition

    2. Eagle Industries M60 7.62 Ammo Pouch
    - Khaki/Tan
    -Like new condition
    -Has no vagina flap/internal divider

    3. Eagle Industries M9 Pistol Magazine Pouch
    -Beat up/dusty

    4. ACU Army Issued IFAK
    -Has medical supplies
    -All the medical supplies are like new but the CAT TQ is beat up and dusty from A-stan.

    5. Oakley Carbon Fiber Knuckle Gloves
    -Tags were ripped out I believe
    -All finger tips/thumbs were cut off
    -Size Small

    6. V. Moda In Ear Head Phone
    -Black w/ Silver trim
    -Stopped using them once I got an ear infection...

    7. Oakley Glasses Case Hard case and Soft case.
    -Both black

    8. Canvas Messenger Bag
    -Uses Magnetic Snaps
    -Had pens and morale patches inside

    9. Morale Patches:
    - Big 3x5 American Flag Patch in full color, tan velcro
    - "The Louder you Scream the faster we come" patch, green, black velcro
    - Tad Gear dragon patch, grey, black velcro
    - Medal of HOnor apache gun fighter patch, red eyes, black, white stitching.
    - IR American Flag Patch, reversed American Flag, Tan and black.

    There will be a reward for information leading to the return of my bubblegum.
    If you've seen someone you know magically have a bunch of the stuff I listed appear on them, please let me know. 503-621-6627
  2. safetyman

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    Sorry to hear this happened to you. I hope the douchebag gets caught or at least your stuff somehow finds its way back home.
  3. teflon97239

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    Happens all too often, even in places not typically known for theft and vandalism.

    As a worthwhile citizen, you'll work hard (again) and will have replaced many/all of your stolen items by this time next year. If it's any consolation, the perp will still be a meth addicted POS living in hell on earth.
  4. SonicBlue03

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    That sucks, man. Truly sorry to hear it. Was this gear you collected while on duty? Because if so the sentimental value and the violation this creates is going to be the toughest part - and short of seeing it on people it'd be hard to track. Are there any areas you're aware of in that area where people discard items on the side of the road, like culverts and such? If someone went through it for the cool factor they wouldn't, but if someone was thinking you had something mechanically valuable in the carrier and pouches (sunglasses, firearms, a Class IV plate...) then they might've been discouraged and jettisoned your stuff in a ditch somewhere nearby.

    Hope you get your stuff back. I had a car stolen/recovered and never felt the same about it or where it happened.
  5. Steve06

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    Watch Craigslist.
  6. Blue Devil PA

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    House got broken into down the street here in Puyallup. Broad daylight. Big rock through sliding glass door, homeowner surprised the bastard and he got away. Now everyone is a little more vigilant, at least for another few days, then back to sleep go the sheep. It would be interesting to see the crime stats, I would think property crimes will be going up.

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