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Got bored with my old 30.06 hunter so I stripped the wood stock and gave her the camo treatment and since the blueing was starting to wear I coated the barrel too. Added new burris xtr rings and burris fullfield II 4.5-14x42 with sunshade.
By using painters tape on wax paper you make yourself a sticker like stencil. Cutting the stencil out gives you a base stencil and an overlay stencil. The base stencil would be used for maintaining base color, in this case the tan. The overlay stencil will give you your last color like the black and since the bottom is sticky it will help control overspray and precise pattern on piece. I overlapped tape about 1/2 in to maintain stencil strength since the tape seemed to want to seperate from itself while peeling off wax paper.

These are all the base stencils I made and as you can see after a few uses the edges start to curl so you may have to remake a stencil. if you firmly place stencil back on wax with corners and edges pressed down it seemed to help life of stencil. you can also connect stencils together to get a desired look.

Here is all the base and overlay stencils I used. Take your time making stencils because it will show when you are done. Layout stencils before painting and visualize what it will look like with various colors incorporated.

I practiced on an ammo can and shooting bench before I tackled the stock which I recommend. I learned what size stencils went well with shapes and other stencils. Also the colors and where they should go was challenging so paint something you dont care about like the ammo can or even a piece of cardboard.
Great job. How long did you work on it?

Heres what I did
- Sand down stock using 60, 120 and 220 grit
- Cleaning barrel with degreaser and denatured alcohol, steel wool and rust removal
- Make stencils and practice on other objects, make more stencils
- 3 days for barrel and stock painting / curing

All in all about 3 weekends

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