British firefighters help fight Oregon wildfires...

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    as sent to me by a pal in Springfield -

    He also noted how hard it was to get rid of them pesky redcoats, again.

    Seems to me that the boys from Hampshire were usefully employed doing what they do best. AFAICT, no mention was made of tea parties or taxation.


    PS - for the record - at the time of your falling-out with the British, my dad's ancestors were trying not to starve [again] in rural West Cork, Ireland, and my mom's ancestors were trying to literally keep their skin on from the howling mob of fellow French armed with flaying knives in Northern France. Your long-standing problems with the Brits are therefore none of my concern.

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    I saw a report that wild fire crews from NZ and Australia flew up and were helping with the wild fires in OR and WA as well.
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