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    I might of posted something similar in the past and I apologize if I did.

    Here my short version of my story:

    I have a Marlin 444 which is my primary hunting rifle which I bought as my first rifle with my father. He has passed so it has sentimental value to me. Hunting season came up and I noticed some rust on the tip. Pulled out my solvent and wool to fix it.

    I used the wool and then used the solvent. Quickly I noticed the bluing coming off and quickly rinsed it. I had grabbed the wrong DANG solvent...idiot move. So now I have bluing taken off and much more rust than I began.

    I could try to blue it myself but I'm no gunsmith and I want to get it fixed properly. This is where you ALL come in. I need recommendations on trusted gunsmith in the Portland OR Salem area. Want to call them up and see what they charged and now that hunting season is over they should have time to do it.

    Well please help me out and I thank you in advance for the help! :huh:

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