Blackpowder Revolver Barrel Seasoning?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by taylor, Mar 3, 2011.

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    I was going to use JB bore bright on a new revolver, to get the imperfections smoothed out prior to first shooting. But now I'm not so sure its OK to do, I read an article by a Master barrel maker who said JB's contain abraisives that will round off the sharp new rifleing and even create uneven spots. He wasn't against proffessional makers lapping, he said all this 'mystic hoopla' about special techniques for breaking in a rifle barrel was unnescessary. He said just a solvent clean before shooting. I imagine it would be the same for a Revolver barrel.
    What do you guys do with a new Revolver? do you season the barrel? if so how?
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    I have owned and shot various BP revolvers for over 32 years and I shot in BP competitions for 15 of those years and I have never heard of conditioning a barrel. I would suggest if you want to "condition" it you just shoot the thing. If you can hit a paper plate size target with yours at 10 yards every time you got a good one. Accurate BP revolvers are few and far between.
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    little oregano and some paprika and you should be gtg.

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