Costco has a good deal on Big Horn Safe: BIGHORN 19ECB Safe

But I know nothing about that line so I was wondering what experiences people have had with them? I do believe price equals quality most of the time but it is hard to pass on this and Costco has the BEST return policy.

Thanks in advance!

They are more of a storage cabinet than what would be called a
safe. The Costco safe is low end designed to keep the honest folks honest. There is a whole lot of You tube videos on safe quality. The made in China part is what I try to avoid as possible but that is just me...
Costco has a good deal on Big Horn Safe: BIGHORN 19ECB Safe

Costco has the BEST return policy. PPDXWolf

Ever tried to return a safe?

If it is installed properly you may not be able to get it out of your house without damaging the safe or the house. You cant just pick it up and put it in the back of the SUV to take it back to Costco. Do a little more studying and invest in a one time purchase.

Check out the YouTube video's on safe construction and quality. Pay special attention to the thin side and back walls and how easy it is to peel them open. Liberty Safe in Hubbard is great to deal with and delivery service is a must when dealing with an 800+ pound metal box.

Liberty Safes of Oregon - Home Page‎
Rogue Safe in Medford. Check out their website. Bring a lot of money, get exactly what you want, and they will deliver an heirloom worthy of your firearms. For what its worth, check out the insulating material on safes. Many use sheetrock. Heat + sheetrock= STEAM. In the event of a fire do you really want to cook your firearms like broccoli?
If you don't have a safe and don't have super rare/expensive weapons and/or you're not *too* bothered about security, then it's a good deal. All safes of comparable size under about the $1k mark are the same.

They'll secure, it's not a cabinet by any stretch of the imagination, and all these $5000 and up, super safes can all be plasma torched into. Hide the safe, bolt it down, prevent access to the sides/back etc, it'll work great.

I'm waiting on the Sportsafield safe to go on sale again :)
I have that safe and got it from Costco. $599 including delivery. There was a tiny ding in on rear corner of the safe that was not going to cause any problems. Rather than return it I got a free door organizer from Big Horn worth about $100 so I am happy. Made in China doesn't necessarily mean "junk". For you oldsters here, remember how we used to laugh at stuff made in Japan?
The safe is good quality for the price. Inside layout is great. I'm very happy with it. The only thing I don't like is not all the locking lugs are active and there is not one on the top or bottom of the door.
Of course it is not a 2k- 5k safe and it's not fair to compare it to a much more expensive safe. It is all I could afford for now and it will keep smash and grab robbers out. A pro is going to be able to get into any safe.
Where we live it's not likely we will have anyone break in and it's located in a place most robbers are not going to look.
So if you don't have the budget for a big name expensive safe,go for it. I think you'll be happy with it. Just make sure it is big enough for all the stuff you need to put into it.

Oh,it is distributed by Rhino and has an excellent warantee. Dealing with the small dent with Rhino left me impressed with their customer service.

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