Best 9 mm to give my daughter

Nothing wrong with the Canik or M&P. Just depends on what works best for her. If she's just dipping her foot in the water, make sure she likes whatever she will be shooting and will want to continue to shoot it. The CZ can be a lot of gun for a newer shooter, especially if they want to carry. Just things to consider. When she's ready to decide, hopefully a gun show will be happening so she can handle a lot of different guns.
I tend to disagree that a CZ 75 is not a good beginner handgun.
^^ This ^^
My daughter is putting herself through college, working hard at her job to pay for it, so I had zero hesitation at giving her her first pistol.
I took her out shooting to see what kind of gun she likes. After shooting them all, #1 was the CZ75, #2 was the ATI 1911. I'm partial to my CZ -- I gave her the ATI.


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See if she likes the P365, just know it's not a target pistol. My GF is like 5'4" 115 lbs and has small hands, and she likes to shoot my P365. I think it just fits her hand better.
My vote goes to whatever she prefers tho.

However, given your three choices, the C75 would be an awesome purse or bedside gun IMHO. Don't know how a CZ75 would be a bad beginner gun either. I started with a P226 of my own, and started shooting 1911's and various .22lr 40's era military trainers. YMMV
Ironic thread. I'm facing the exact same situation.

My daughter is coming home after four years in Japan. Her husband is in the Air Force and their next duty station is San Antonio. However, he is changing rates and going from a cargo load master to a cyber warfare specialist. Supposedly, that is pretty rare for the Air Force to authorize someone to change jobs like that, but he is very smart and a total computer nerd.

So, between Japan and Texas, he has to go through six months of training in Mississippi. They decided that my daughter and three grandkids would be better off staying in my area while he goes through training, so she has family nearby to support her and he won't be distracted.

She already has a duplex rented and I've got it filled with furniture and ready for their arrival next Thursday.

She texted me the other day and said she is nervous about being alone with the kids and was interested in having a firearm.

I told her I have a great pistol for her that she can use as long as she wants. It's a Taurus G2C 9mm. I've shot it a few times and it's a fine gun. Long trigger pull, compact size, a safety, and 12 round capacity. Plus, it only cost me $200 a couple of years ago. Her husband had a G19, but he let his dad hold on to it when he moved to Japan and I think the dirtbag sold it to make rent. That loser is a whole 'nother story...

My daughter is also a leftist/feminist/snowflake type. But, at least she supports the RKBA. I love her more than life itself, so, what do you do?
I participate on another site geared towards photography and see many the same question asked around which camera or which lens someone should buy for some loved one.

The only answer, in my opinion, is none. Seriously. Don’t buy or give anything.

This is an extremely personal choice. As a mentor, you need to provide the time, materials, and knowledge to help the mentee come to a good decision. But, and this is important, they need to come to the decision.

As a father, doubly so. Everyone is going to throw out some favorite gun of theirs or their kid’s etc. it’s all immaterial. You’re the teacher; help guide the student based on what *they* need. And as the dad, you should know that with intimate detail.

Once you wind up on a pistol, you can decide if you cover the cost, loan, etc. But, never just buy something so personal for someone; engage instead.


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Cerberus Training Group - Skill Builder
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