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So you may possibly see a lot of threads from me in regards to building a home. Or maybe not.
I’ve been doing some homework and the initial numbers I’ve been given are surprising.
First off to have a home built over here is about $170.00 per foot. That’s a considered the starting point. That’s no land, no well, no septic. Just the structure. My buddies brother in law has built 3 for himself. He told me last night he paid $100.00 a foot. I will add he’s a plumber. So take that cost and add in on mine. His place is nicer. Probably $190-200 a foot if a general built it.
I’m gonna dog in deeper, but I’d this holds true we may take the step to general it ourselves. He said I could use his subs. Has anyone else on here done this?
You have a huge leg up with that fellow offering his subs. They should do a good job for you because #1: he recommended them to you, and #2: if you are unhappy with their work, it will affect their relationship with him.

I acted as the general on my 40x102 metal building ship/home. It isn't for everyone, but if you have a mechanical background, some experience as a handyman, and hire good subs, it can be done. Good subs are a huge factor, but there are lots of things to juggle. I had to raise the windows on the second floor after I looked at the framed wall and it dawned on me that the engineers had put them so low to the floor I would have to put guards on the inside to childproof them! When I talked to the firm that made the kit, they said just don't tell anyone!

You will have to get very familiar with building codes. This is where the subs will be a great help.
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