AWO milled M64 bowed receiver.

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    I have two milled Yugoslavian style AK receivers that I bought when Assault Weapons of Ohio were having their blowout sale.
    Anyway, when I finally got my hands on them, and my excitement wore off, I noticed that both of my receivers start to bow outward where the rails end. I assume this is from the heat treating, and the differences in the thickness of the steel in the area in which the rails end.
    While I am certain that this will have no effect on the functioning of the rifle, I would like, to at least, straighten them enough to make it less perceptible.
    So what can I do, I have contemplated wrapping the receiver in leather, and squeezing it gently with a large C clamp, or vise with blocks of wood.
    Here are some pics:


    This will be my first build of any kind.

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