Attention Savage shooters (bear, dear, elk)!

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    19 inch 358 winchester blued barrel. Barrel shoots MOA at 100 and is in excellent shape with low round count. Included with barrel are:

    .358 RCBS dies
    Lee factory crimp die
    2 new bags of 358 Winchester brass.
    Bunch of 1x fired and formed cases from .308
    100 150gr Remington SP
    92 200gr Remington SP
    50 Hornady 200gr Interlocks
    30 Speer 220gr Flat SP
    100 Hornady 200gr Spire points

    This package can easily transform your rifle into a handy and powerful short range Coastal elk or woods gun. If unfamilar with how to swap barrels, we can do it together in about 20 minutes max.


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