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    So as a new guy here I would like an educated opinion on AR. I am in the market. I like my friends Stag but the Colt m4 socom looks and feels nice as well. With all the AR builders out there I need help. I am the guy that doesn't know everything so anything offered will help with my purchase. I'm sold on 5.56.
    It will be hunting with me. And it will be protecting me and mine if it all goes to you know.

    1. Muzzle twist and length info please.
    2. Preferences on manufacturers would help. 1600 is what the boss will be letting spend.
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    If I were going to use it for hunting, consider an HBAR, maybe even 20". You really can't go wrong with a Colt. There are a lot of good AR's, Danial Defense, Novseke, Spikes, Bravo, etc.. and in reality, the Pacific NW is the AR building capitol of the world. A lot of us do it, and are seemingly able to build great AR style weapons. For that budget, I would look into building your own, perhaps with the help of an experienced builder. 1600 can go a long way to build a really nice custom piece.
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    For the $1600 budget you have, you could almost get 2 good rifles. Or one really nice one and a good optic...

    As far as twist rates go...
    1:9 twist will usually stabilize up to a 69 grain bullet and anything lighter.
    1:8 twist is good up to about 75 or 77 grains
    1:7 will handle the 80 and up to 90 grain (I think this is the heaviest .224 caliber bullet I have seen or heard of).

    If you are just target shooting, plinking and hunting with it, the 1:9 twist is plenty for your purpose. I would only consider the faster 1:8 or 1:7 twist barrel if I intended on long range match shooting with heavy bullets (wich I would suggest you reload as well).

    Barrel length is really up to you, I hunt (coyotes) with a 16.5" and it works great for me. I think a 16" rifle handles easier in the field than a 20" barrel and you really don't loose too much velocity with the shortened length tube.
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    Easy smeazy. I prefer the 1/8 twist because it has handled any ammo weight I have put thru them. Otherwise a 1/7 so it will shoot heavier bullets for hunting
    Wait,what are you hunting with an AR? Small game I hope.Don't knwo why anyone would carry a AR for deer.But that's just me.

    Any maker is fine. For 1600 you can get a pretty sweet AR right now. Just go to a store that has a great selection and find the one with as many upgrades as you can. Like a stainless barrel nicer handguard,maybe some optics,better stock.All the things you will change later.
    Or buy a simple rifle and buy the better stuff you like for it.Kinda how ARs work anyway. You get one and change it over the years until you get bored and buy another or finally have one perfect AR

    Stag is a underrated brand the 3 I have had have been very accurate.DPMS is good Windam? is great.And if you can,with your budget,look at some of the better brands and get a stripped model and get the optics later. By better I really mean more expensive and better finished,not better shooting for most of us
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    for your situation I would go 18" medium to spr profile stainless barrel, 1:8 twist , Rifle length gas all time favorite AR configuration for versatility

    DPMS makes a really sweet barrel for this, the M-12 barrel and the price is great. I have close to 1000 rounds through one and it has been nothing less than stellar......don't know who really makes that barrel but they nailed it .
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    Entry Level AR --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    $700 Complete AR Build with Red Dot and 10 PMAGs – Shipped!

    Posted on January 3rd, 2014 by ar15news
    Out of Stock
    I get asked quite often how to build a decent AR on a budget. Nine times out of Ten, when someone says “budget” they are referring to something under $1,000. There are lots of manufacturers of junk parts out there so its awesome to get to help steer people in the right direction. I typically go with the lowest build I would let myself do if I were doing a gun just for range fun but that would also work in an SHTF situation and let the end user do any upgrades they think are necessary. One trick that works is to try to buy all of your parts from one company to save on shipping costs. The info below is just one example that I was able to piece together for someone by looking for deals at Palmetto State Armory.
    PSA has really been pushing some deals on their PTAC line of uppers and parts. Right now they have a deal on a complete upper with M16 BCG, M4 Profile barrel, Charging handle and a StrikeFire red dot for just $400. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. They also have a deal for 10 PMAGs and a stripped blem PSA lower for just $170. The only thing left was to find the lower parts kit. By searching the site I found that their Black MOE Lower Build Kit was just $100, which is $20 cheaper than the FDE MOE Lower Build Kit, so I went with black kit. The total for the parts came to $670, add shipping of $29 to my house and you’re at $699 shipped. As I mentioned, this is a budget AR. Don’t expect it to be some tack driver or comparable to your Noveske. Its a $700 gun and with all things, you get what you pay for.
    Complete Upper with StrikeFire Red Dot – $400
    PSA Blem Lower and 10 PMAGS – $170
    PTAC AR-15 Black MOE Lower Build Kit – $100
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    You may consider a medium priced AR in 5.56, and with the money left over, a 6.8 SPC upper for hunting.
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