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Need help with a PPS gen 1. It was feeling gritty so I decided to fully disassemble it, clean, and polish some contact points to smooth it out. I've done the same thing to Glocks but this trigger assembly became a nightmare. After partly disassembling, I decided to stop where I was. I've checked YouTube, the Walther forums, and the Walther diagram but none of the info was that helpful. Figured I'd ask around here if there's anyone in the Vancouver area thats well versed in putting these trigger assemblies back together. Thanks.
I never tried it, but I only have PPX's so it would not translate as well anyway. An idea I should try to do that with the weak sister 9MM that the wife and I have both been luke cool to. the 40 earns likes from both of us, not loves, but likes. I could not hurt the 9 and might help it.
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