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After completing my AR build and loving the result, it's time to do an AK build now. I know that I want something classic, so not sure about under or side folders ... but that's what I want to know from you AK experts: What models do you favor and why? What models do you avoid and why? Another thing, I'm going to build from the ground up, starting w/ a flat. Any pointers or good links you can pass along is very much appreciated!

What prompted this are statements I've heard and read such as:

- Romy's are cheap and you get what you pay for
- Chinese are very good
- Egyptian Maadi's were made with the same machinery for Russian AK's
- .... help, I'm a bit confused as I start..


PS: Some of you will rightly ask: "What will you be using it for?" ... ok, mostly for target shooting, and maybe hog-hunting in TX. For home defense it seems like a bit of overkill (literally), so I use my 9mm and 12g for that.
Well the first thing to think about if you are starting from the ground up is tooling. The #1 place for the best quality AK tooling is at Curtis has aircraft quality tooling. You will need the tooling to bend the flat. You will need a shop press. 12 ton will work. you will need the tooling to press rivets unless you are doing a screw build. You will need tooling to press in the barrel. You will need a spot welder with a special arm, 110 volt, that Curtis has on You will need an oxy/accetaleen set up to heat treat the rails and the hammer/trigger holes. As far as what type of rifle to build? they are like cars. There is a bunch of models to choose from and I guess it would be personal preference. I have made everything from an AK pistol to a RPK. It is rather satisfying to see something work and function correctly that you yourself have built. The very first one I built was an underfolder and without touching the sights. The very first round at 100 yards was on the paper.
Also...everyone that I have built, except the RPK, have been Romy's. There is nothing wrong with them. Unless you are building a show car, why spend the big money for a Bulgarian or Russian when a Romy will do the exact same thing as the others. Go BANG!

I keep thinking of other stuff. If you are legal to own and posses. Then you are legal to manufacture your own as long as you have no intentions of selling it. Mainly because there will be no serial #. It's your's for life!

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