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I carry around a Zero Tolerance 0462 on the daily and was looking to swap out the carbon fiber scales for something a bit more unique. I found this guy suingab after a bit of googling, got in touch, and had him make this design for me: ZT0462 micarta scale (v.6) | Custom Made Scales

It took a bit for delivery because he shipped from (if I recall correctly) Lithuania. Price was only $60 out-the-door. He was very responsive through the design phase, mocking up everything and sending me a computer rendition before I had even given him a dime. Once confirmed, the finished product was shipped out within days. After that, waiting for the ex communist postal system to get their crap together was agonizing ;-). But, it eventually got to me and it's quality work.

Figured I'd let y'all know about him in case you're looking for new scales.
He does really nice work. Thanks for the info.
I have a Benchmade Nimravus I'd like to have thicker scales made for, maybe he could do that for me.

I didn't see any Benchmades, but I'll send him an email and check.

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