Oregon Activist hit by SUV outside Cider Riot, SUV is then shot at , crashes into DNC

Still not enough details given to figure this one out

I hope that nobody from the 2A or Trump community murdered this guy. That is exactly what the left wing activists want, as another excuse to disarm everyone except for politicians’ bodyguards and to “red flag” every gun owner who does not share their political views.

See? These dummies typically represent an evolutional dead-end and natural selection ultimately takes care of it..... o_O
OK, was the SUV autonomous? It hits a guy, then is shot at and crashes into a building, not just any building but the ODP office building. Where's the driver? And why don't we have a few dozen videos of the incident, considering where it was and who was there? Oh, right, Portland ;)
Give it a little time. I agree that there’s more to the story but the salient point is that Antifa has guns and is fighting back with them when no one is looking.

This reeks of accident to me. The driver is probably still running.
I liked how the article started out with left wing activist hangout and then segued into a right-wing brawl with club patrons in the past. Not yesterday, not last week or last month but months ago. Left-wing activists mysteriously became 'club patrons' and the named right wing group Patriot Prayer was identified.
Classic propaganda. Clever.
Anyone here think someone who'd shoot at a SUV to wound or kill a driver would stop if the driver took foot bail? I mean, really? Especially in Progland where the cops look the other way at Antifa violence? Exciting times, I tell ya.


So, someone in the SUV plows Mr. Antifa....

Mr. Antifa's people open fire on the SUV...

SUV crashes and driver disappears

Mr. Antifa dies.

Must be more to the story. Shouldnt be hard to determine who owned the car or if the car was stolen. Go a long way to sorting out motive.

There are definitely aspects of this left out of the story or arent being released to the media.

If this was connected to his antifa work... Its a serious escalation... That i think we all saw coming here...

I dont expect it to stop here. Especially if the driver did target him and got away, expect retaliation soon.


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