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    i have a rem model 7 in 7mm08 im not satisfied with its groups tried 4 diff factory ammo imm a good shooter but bench restit and im not happy with groups i shoot at fifty yards this is a rem md 7 with lam stock beautiful gun i have a nikon scope nothing cheap on it any ideas lou
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    Do you or a friend reload?

    If so, try changing bullet wtg, to the wtg that work the best out of the 4 ammo's you purchased, Check on line, or locally, if possible, are there more available brands or types available at the wtg that worked best.

    If you reload;
    You then check the bullet wtg, that seemed to work best: Work up loads out of the book at 10 ea, Try them 2-3 rd groups.
    If one works good->great up to book max load.. your done..
    There's the specific load for your fifle.

    If not, try the next powder, and so it goes. If the rifle is all good, working, crowned properly etc.. and you really believe it's the ammo.. you can improve it.
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    There is a barrel 'damper' made. I got one at Midwayusa.com.
    They are a rubber doughnut that goes on your bbl and you can move it around to find the sweet spot. Neat idea. Other place to look is your bedding job. Bbl rubbing anywhere?
    How does this rifle "group"? Consistant, vertical stringing, better or worse when warm? Record your results for the chorus to chime in.

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