.223 Brass polished, cleaned de-primed

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    I have 700 .223 empty brass. Mixed head stamp about 50% is LC. Other head stamps, Speer, Winchester, Aguila, FC, RP, AP. A little bit of eveything. Brass was tumbled for 6 hours, deprimed using a universal depriming die, then 32 minuets in the Ultra Sonic Cleaner, using Lemi-Shine, dish soap, and a little bit of white vinegar. No other processing has been done by me. I do not own an AR so none of this was fired by me. Through the processing I did not see any signs of over pressure, primer set back, split necks, etc. All good useable brass.

    I prefer to sell/trade local FTF, but I will ship on your dime for sale of brass $13 Medium Flat rate box. I live in Kingston, WA. Will meet in Port Orchard and Bremerton during the week, or anytime in Silverdale, Poulsbo, Kingston.

    Price of $80 is firm due to processing and cleaning time. All funds will go to the WDFW fishing fund and WDOL trailer and boat licensing fund! :thumbup:

    Trade: I will accept 2,000 large Pistol Primers, or a 2-1 trade ratio of small primer pocket .45 ACP brass.

    Thanks for looking!
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