223 AK47 vs. AR15

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by littlecars, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. littlecars

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    I have been thinking about getting a AR15 for a while. I have done some reading and I think a AK 47 would be a better choise for me. But I want to stick to the 223 round. I have looked aroung and found some AK's in 223. I dont know much about these guns so I figure I would ask you guys.

    AR15 vs AK47 in 223?

    I have heard about the relaibility of the AK in 7.63x39 but never in 223. what do you guys think?
  2. doobee8

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    I'm looking for one myself and have shot all the ones my friends own. They are every bit as reliable as their 7.62x39mm counterparts. Go for it. I like the Arsenal SLR106 models they have very good fit and finish and the mags are reasonable (18-30 dollar range) depending on sales K-Var has for 30rd and 20rd mags. Look at K-VAR's website. They have pricing and I think you can order some models under 700 bucks. Don't pay more than 800 for one though.

    I'm thinking about a sar-3 or WASR-3 romanian model as well, the quality isn't as good as the Arsenal, but the guns run a little cheaper. The mags are expensive though. The Chinese AK 223's are quality too but the mags are easily in the 30-40.00 dollar range each. Hope this helps.
  3. Iceberg

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    I prefer AR15s to AK type rifles. They are more accurate, have tons of aftermarket toy support, and are not made w/ stamped sheet metal. I had a Arsenal milled AK47 that was a quality rifle, however it was just not for me. I also owned several Romanian AK47 type rifles are were cheap, however there is a good reason for that. Additionally, since prices have moved pretty close for both rifles, I would buy an AR15.

    If you are willing to attach a lower to an upper, you can put together a quality AR15 for around $700. DSA has carbine uppers for sale for $275 (w/o BCG & Charging Handle) and complete lowers for $180 (less stock). That is $675 plus shipping & FFL fees (only on the lower).

    Upper: $275
    BCG & Handle: $170
    Lower: $180
    Stock: $50

    That is pretty amazing for a new AR15 carbine! It is also cheaper than a new Arsenal SLR106.

  4. Budro

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    I have a Saiga 223 and have had no problems shooting Wolf ammo. Mechanically it's a really simple device so one would expect it to be reliable. It's not a target shooter but if the zombies come it'll do. Magazines for it are really expensive. That's probably the greatest downside to it. A Saiga isn't a true AK-47 and that makes finding magazines harder.

    I'm still probably going to get an AR-15 'cause I can.
  5. Beagle

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    i really like the arsenal 106fr the only thing i would change on mine is the finish is crappy and flakes off. but other than that mine can hang with the ar15's my friends have. i have a ultimak mount with a aimpoint compm2 and you would be really surprised how nice it shoots. that being said i have several ar15's and if your going to have just one the ar15 platform gives you a lot of ways to go. change it from 223 to 7.62x39 or even 22 lr and more all in 1 platform. there are so many options to make a ar15 really easy to shoot.
    stocks,pistol grips,forarms so if your going to have just one??? i think i would go with the ar15 and i'm a well known ak47 nut lol.
  6. pogi

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    +1 for the Arsenal AK 106FR.
  7. el gringo loco

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    I have a Saiga .223 (basically an AK). It is in its original sporting configuration and for $350 is the best dollar/unit of fun gun that I have owned. I love it. However, if you want to convert it to true AK form or buy a .223 AK, you are out $600-800 and mags are expensive ($25-35) and hard to come by. At $600-800, you can get a good quality basic AR-15. As fun as my Saiga is, it is not, and never will be, as good of a gun as the average AR-15. An AR-15 will always be more accurate and the mags will always cost less than a .223 AK mag (and much much less than hi-cap Saiga mags).

    I think that many of the virtues of AK pattern rifles start to become flaws as the prices grow. A $400 AK that uses cheap surplus mags is a a good economical choice. At that price you can overlook the inherent inaccuracy, sloppy fit and finish and awkward safety/mag release, etc. An AK is an awesome weapon in the sense that it only requires basic manufacturing capabilities to make it, it is cheap to make, the operation is very simple, it will eat the nastiest ammo, and it barely needs to be maintained. If I were outfitting an army of peasants with little or no military training, I would pick the AK.

    An AR 15 is a professional soldier's rifle and performs accordingly. It is easier/quicker to reload and has a more subtle and complicated operation. To fully take advantage of its deadly potential, you must actually train and practice reloads, clearing jams, taking the safety on and off. With no training at all, the AK's gross motor movement operation (big safety lever, simple charging handle, etc) is easier to comprehend. However, an AR will hit the intended target at 500-600 yards, whereas the AK will hit something in the general direction 500-600 yards away.

    Buy an AR and then get an AK in 5.45 ($160 for 1080 rounds of combloc milsurp ammo).
  8. sports-shooter

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    Or, you can get a gas-piston AR. Just a suggestion...
  9. Deavis

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  10. Reloader55

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    Ergonomics of the AK's just don't work for me. Doesn't matter what kind of stock or sights, they just don't fit. I've owned a few. I still own a Tantal in 5.45 just because there are 3 cans of ammo in the house.

    AR's fit me much better. Iron sights or optics, CAR or A2, 5.56 or 7.62, makes no difference to me.

    Get the rifle(s) that fits you best.
  11. unionguy

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    Like all guns, they are differnt tools for different jobs:

    AK's: cheap (both purchase and ammo), rugged, reliable under all conditions, bad ergonomics, nothing breaks on them...i.e. its a great SHTF rifle.

    AR's: accurate, aftermarket-supported, ergonomicly very good, greater need for spare parts (i.e. supply)...i.e. it's a great battle carbine.

    Think about your use, then get one that meets those needs best.

    Read Boston T. Party's "Gun Bible" before you buy anything though...I wish I had! Lots of good information about different weapon systems and calibers.
  12. Riot

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    The reliability is the same, it's not the 7.62 bullet that makes the AK-47 so great, it is the internal components (like its piston opperating system).

    Both the AR-15 and the AK have their individual pros and cons....the AK is much more durrable and reliable than the AR, while the AR is much more accurate. You can get an AK for about half as much as you can for an AR, while getting accessories for AKs are difficult to find in the type and price you want....AR accessories are a dime a dozen.
  13. Unka-Boo

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    If I was to do another AK in .223......it would be in the following order:

    1. Arsenal factory build. Nice guns with available, quality mags.

    2. Converted Saiga. More work, but as you can see by Deavis' example, can definitely be done.

    3. Older Norinco. Whether a pre-ban or a MAK90. Mags are harder to come by, but Bulgarian .223 mags will work with slight modification.

    I had a MAK that i de-banned a few years ago:


    I liked it, but found that I preferred my AK's in 7.62

    If you have other rifles in .223, it would make sense to have a .223 AK also, cheaper for you when all the guns shoot the same stuff. I'm just a glutton for punishment...;)
  14. ZA_Survivalist

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    Whats not to like, an AKM chambered in .223
    If anything, I'm selling 1.5 of my ARs to fund a new AK .223 project.
    My AKs out number my other rifles and shotguns combined.

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