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    My girlfriend and I upgraded our phones and now have our old black, 8GB iphones sitting on the shelf. If memory serves me correctly, my girlfriend's screen was cracked and kept a good charge (not cracked to where you cant see anything, but a decent spider. Craigslist always offers cheap and easy fixes. I know the apple store can do it as well) Mine had normal wear and tear, and kept a decent charge.

    I'm looking for just about anything. Shotgun, (trap or home defense) handgun, rifle, Ak. Anything but a .22.

    Edit: From my ebay search, it looks like phones with cracked screens are still going for 125-150. Since the non-cracked one doesn't hold as good of a charge, I'll just say 125 each, or 250 in cash or trade value if you want both. Make me some trade offers. If you've got something that's worth more than a phone, I may be willing to front some cash with it.

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