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I have a nice pair of SA 1911 pistols that have been mildly warmed up and both shoot better than me. I want to convert one of the pair to 22LR. Ciener, STI, Advantage, WIlson, OEM, re-packaged, ready-to-shoot, need to lap-in the slide, magazines work great, buy only Kimber mags, will feed any ammo, use only the good stuff, $249, $515 etc.. It's all sorta confusing.

I want the best shooting setup. This gun will stay converted, so no need for a 20 second change over.

Anyone want to set me straight? Thanks!
Best as in accuracy? Look at the Marvel Unit 1, or the TacSol or STI target kits. FWIW I just picked up the tacSol kit because i couldn't track down an instock deal on the Marvel, JC Weaponry hooked it up and will be hopefully testing today. Dropped on nice and snug, excellent fit and finish.
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