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Some other folks here had talked about the idea of using "Gun Safety" as a Trojan-horse initiative title to sneak stuff under the radar, so I thought we could start with brainstorming here.

1. As many accidental firearms deaths are attributable to lack of education, the following shall be implemented to make weapons-safety education more readily available.
A. PUBLIC EDUCATION. The Department of education shall be required to add a unit covering basic safety, akin to the Four Rules and the Eddie Eagle program, to the state Middle and High School Health Class curriculum.
B. LAW ENFORCEMENT. All LE agencies operating in the State of Washington shall be required to offer Weapons Safety classes to the public not less frequently than once a month, at no more than 5% above the cost of such program. ffer of these programs shall be made through Agency websites and local media.

... buried...
Section X. Initiative 1639 is hereby repealed in its entirety.

Whereas unlicensed possession of machine-guns and other dangerous weapons is already prohibited under Federal law (26 USC 53, subsections 5801-5872), State restrictions on "Title II firearms" are unnecessarily redundant. Accordingly, to harmonize State and Federal Laws, Section 9.41.190 is stricken in its entirety and replaced with 26 USC 53 in its entirety, and RCW 9.41.220 is stricken in its entirety.

Whereas no State allows unrehabilitated felons to possess licenses to carry firearms, RCW 9.41.073 is hereby amended to read as follows:

"Concealed pistol license—Reciprocity.
(1)(a) A person licensed to carry a pistol in a state the laws of which recognize and give effect in that state to a concealed pistol license issued under the laws of the state of Washington is authorized to carry a concealed pistol in this state. if:
(i) The licensing state does not issue concealed pistol licenses to persons under twenty-one years of age; and
(ii) The licensing state requires mandatory fingerprint-based background checks of criminal and mental health history for all persons who apply for a concealed pistol license.

(b) This section applies to a license holder from another state only while the license holder is not a resident of this state. A license holder from another state must carry the handgun in compliance with the laws of this state.
(2) The attorney general shall periodically publish a list of states the laws of which recognize and give effect in that state to a concealed pistol license issued under the laws of the state of Washington and which meet the requirements of subsection (1)(a)(i) and (ii) of this section."

Anything else to add to our Mischief By Initiative, whether building up the Trojan Horse or refining its payload?
Do you know of any billionaires willing to dump $10 million into a pro-rights initiative? If not, I would recommend putting your money into supporting SAF because the courts are where we get the best leverage of dollars.
To gain any traction, this initiative will need:
  • to be unnecessarily long (minimum of 20 pages),
  • the organization sponsoring it to be something like Washingtonians Against Illegal Guns, Sensible Gun Laws for WA, The Peoples Democratic Coalition for Common Sense Gun Legislation, etc. (has to sound like an anti-gun organization),
  • the NRA and SAF against it.


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