In political science, an initiative (also known as a popular or citizens' initiative) is a means by which a petition signed by a certain minimum number of registered voters can force a public vote (referendum, sometimes called a plebiscite).
The initiative may take the form of a direct initiative or an indirect initiative. In a direct initiative, a measure is put directly to a vote after being submitted by a petition. In an indirect initiative, a measure is first referred to the legislature, and then put to a popular vote only if not enacted by the legislature.
The vote may be on a proposed statute, constitutional amendment, charter amendment or local ordinance, or to simply oblige the executive or legislature to consider the subject by submitting it to the order of the day. It is a form of direct democracy.

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  1. arakboss

    Oregon  IP16 Strategy

    Would it be effective to file our own improved IP16 type petitions and compete with IP16 signature gatherers?
  2. JustSomeGuy

    Washington  State AG, law enforcement choose sides on gun initiative

    State AG, law enforcement choose sides on gun initiative
  3. T

    WA Initiative 1000 outside of Walmart

    It is impossible to enter Walmart without being accosted by someone selling something, looking for signatures or begging for money. Yesterday it was folks collecting signatures for i1000 which they were describing as something to ensure that disabled vets not be discriminated against. I did...
  4. uberguy

    Future for WA Initiative 1639?

    Seattle Times (12-24-2018) State appeals court strikes down Seattle’s hotel-worker rights law, citing faulty ballot measure A Seattle initiative from 2016 was just struck down for having too many parts; WA initiative requirements state they may have only one legal subject. Am hoping the same...
  5. IOM

    National  Gun Control Group Pushes Ballot Initiative to Ban ‘Assault Weapons’ in Florida

    | Breitbart FL Group Pushes Initiative to End 'Assault Weapon' Ownership Florida is working with a group from California to get signatures for the petition, is that even legal...???
  6. Diamondback

    Washington  1639 Repeal & Replace Initiative brainstorming?

    Some other folks here had talked about the idea of using "Gun Safety" as a Trojan-horse initiative title to sneak stuff under the radar, so I thought we could start with brainstorming here. SECTION I. PROVISION OF TRAINING. 1. As many accidental firearms deaths are attributable to lack of...
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