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A shooting range or firing range or shooting ground is a specialized facility designed for archery or firearms practice. Each facility is typically overseen by one or more supervisory personnel, called variously a range master or "Range Safety Officer" (RSO) in the US or a range conducting officer (RCO) in the UK. Supervisory personnel are responsible for ensuring that all weapon safety rules are followed at all times. In some countries (like Finland), it is, however, common to have shooting ranges without supervision. Ranges are usually situated in distant places in forests, and people can use them on their own, without any supervision.
Shooting ranges can be indoor or outdoor and may be restricted to certain types of arms: bows, handguns or rifles, or they can specialize in certain shooting sports such as Skeet shooting or 10 m Air Pistol/Rifle.
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) provides recommendations for protecting workers and shooters from hazardous exposures at indoor and outdoor firing ranges.

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