Of the two public shooting areas just east of Estacada, are either or both easily accessible by car or is 4-wheel drive required? I'm unable to tell from the GPS coordinates how far off Highway 224 they are located or what type of terrain you can expect to deal with in reaching them. Is it permissible at either site to use biodegradable clay pigeons for targets? Any information about the location of these two sites and what's permitted once you are there would be greatly appreciated...I don't have an all terrain vehicle and waste a trip out there to find out you need one.


I'm aware of a couple spots past Estacada and there's one called Wildcat not too far from Estacada. The first one you come to is the 36 pit on Hwy 224. It's pavement all the way there and pull out to the left into a parking area. No need for a 4x4. The next area is called Fish Creek area. Really, you don't need 4 wheel up there either (but there may be snow in the Fish Creek area and Wildcat. You certainly would need 4 wheels and/or chains up in those areas). You can find map links to those places in the past cleanup events in the Events & Get Togethers section or from the Trash No Land website Events page; TNL Events Directory

As far as what's permitted at these sites, it may be easier to say what's not permitted... No explosive targets or tracer rounds, no household refuse or garbage (milk jugs, soda cans, ect...), shoot against an earthen berm backstop (not trees, stumps or downed logs), clean up and, at least, remove your own trash and so forth. Rules for shooting on public lands are posted on our website: Trash No Land Shooting Rules There's also a link to the official USFS website rules on that page.

Bio clay pigeons are acceptable (they just look ugly when left there). Just be careful about shooting too high in the sky with a shotgun because a LEO could say you need to be shooting into a backstop (even with a shotgun).

You'll need to do a little research before you go, but, I've provided what you need to know on our website, Trash No Land .org. From rules, ethics, tips, information and videos, you'll find what your looking for there.

I see you are new to NWFA. Welcome! Enjoy the site. You'll find a wealth of information here, as well as, a ton of helpful folks and great conversations. Hope we meet one day.

When you're out shooting on public land, make us all look good by showing responsible target shooting and cleaning up when done. Thanks!

Pres. Trash No Land

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