set trigger

A trigger is a mechanism that actuates the firing sequence of a firearm, crossbow, or speargun; a trigger may also start another mechanism such as a trap or a quick release. A small amount of energy applied to the trigger causes the release of much more energy.
In "double action" firearm designs, the trigger is also used to cock the firearm - and there are many designs where the trigger is used for a range of other functions. Although triggers usually consist of a lever actuated by the index finger, some such as the M2 Browning machine gun use the thumb, and others like the Springfield Armory M6 Scout use a "squeeze-bar trigger."

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    Anschutz 1416 with set trigger (double trigger)

    My dad and I brought an Anschutz 1416 .22 caliber from Germany to Georgia (USA) in 1983. This particular 1416 model has two triggers, the rear being the set trigger and the front being the "hair trigger." It is highly accurate and I was curious if any of you know any details/value on this...
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