"The Pusher" is a rock song written by Hoyt Axton, made popular by the 1969 movie Easy Rider which used Steppenwolf's version to accompany the opening scenes showing drug trafficking.
The lyrics of the song distinguish between a dealer in drugs such as marijuana—who "will sell you lots of sweet dreams"—and a pusher of hard drugs such as heroin—a "monster" who doesn't care "if you live or if you die".

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  1. pnw1994

    Sight Pusher Recommendation?

    Hi there I'm in the process of putting some fiber optic sights on a g17 p80 I'm building, and eventually swapping the factory sights over to night sights on 3 other of my carry guns. I've found the front sight to be simple to install and properly center, but I'm not sure I have the physical...
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