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The CZ 52 (also known by the Czechoslovak military designations vz. 52, for (vz. - vzor = model) "model of 1952", and CZ 482) is a semi-automatic pistol designed by two brothers, Jan and Jaroslav Kratochvíl, in the early 1950s for the Czechoslovak military. Around 200,000 vz. 52s were made by Česká Zbrojovka in Strakonice from 1952 to 1954. Before standardizing on the 7.62×25mm vz. 52, the Czechoslovak military used several domestic and foreign pistol models in three different calibers. After 30 years of military service, the vz. 52 was eventually replaced by the 9×18mm Makarov caliber vz. 82.
The CZ 52 is technically known as the vz. 52 as its Czech military designation, but is often referred to as the CZ 52 to differentiate it from the vz. 52 rifle which entered the export market before the pistol.

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  1. scott_see

    Is it possible to put the Holosun HS507C-X2 Pistol Red Dot Sight - ACSS® Vulcan® Reticle on a Micro-9? I love the idea of a large reticle to help find the red dot (or upside down V in this case). I'm pretty good at acquiring the red dot, but I wonder if a stressful situation would make it hard to find the dot...
  2. D

    Zero range for pistol red dot

    So I've finally got my first optic ready pistol inbound, a Canik Mete SFX, and I already have the optic for it, a Swampfox Sentinel. So I've found several really good videos on learning to find/use the dot, but I can find absolutely ZERO (see what I did there :D ?) consensus on what range to...
  3. Juniper9mm

    Recommendations for AR Pistol Red Dot

    Just picked up my first AR Pistol and would really appreciate recommendations for red dots from other AR pistol owners. I plan to use iron sights for a while to attain some level of competency with the firearm, then move to the red dot. Also, what range are these being sighted in at? AR pistol...
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