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  1. Yarome

    Build Thread  Polymer80 PF940V2 Mech Tech CCU

    I had posted this under a previous build thread, but figured I should start a fresh one since this one was a little atypical from a standard pistol build. Copy & Pasted from Apr 20: Just finished the PF940v2 today and have to say it looks like they still have some fine tuning to work out on...
  2. gryghin

    Choosing a PCC

    After going to the clean up at North Fork Wolf Creek Road, and seeing the AR9's, it got me thinking "What's next" So, I love building AR's and if I go that route, I'll do the PSA AR9 build. The other option would be the Mech Tech on a Glock 19. Advantages of both are that they use Glock...
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