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Mountain Equipment Co-op (now called 1077 Holdings Co-Operative) is a Canadian co-op that started the MEC outdoor gear retail brand. The MEC brand name, assets and store leases were purchased by the American private investment firm Kingswood Capital Management's subsidiary Mountain Equipment Company in October 2020. 1077 Holdings Co-operative remains active to deal with the remaining claims by creditors and will be wound up at some point in the future.Mountain Equipment Co-Op was formed as a Canadian consumers' co-operative to sell outdoor recreation gear and clothing exclusively to its members. Mountain Equipment Co-Op was notable for its commitment to environmental protection and other causes. As a co-op, Mountain Equipment Co-Op sold only to customers who held a lifetime membership, which was technically a share of the co-op. MEC (as a co-operative) was Canada's largest supplier of outdoor equipment. Following its founding in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1971, MEC expanded across Canada and grew to operate stores in 20 cities. Once catering to mountaineers and climbers, MEC targeted a broader, more urban clientele, having added more clothing as well as cycling and yoga supplies. At its peak MEC had over 5.4 million members in Canada and internationally.Facing mounting financial losses in 2019 and during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, in September 2020, without consulting its membership, the board of directors of the co-operative entered into an agreement to sell its assets to Kingswood. Following the completion of the deal in late October, Kingswood began operating the retail assets as a for-profit business.

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