The International J/22 is a popular fixed-keel one-design racing sailboat normally raced with a crew of three or four people (total crew weight is restricted to 275 kg/605 lb). It races with the "class jib," a non-overlapping jib, a mainsail, and a large spinnaker. The boat is capable of planing on reaches and runs.
There are over 1,600 J/22's now sailing in 65 active fleets in eighteen countries on three continents. Recognized by the ISAF, the International J/22 Class Association promotes activities and regattas worldwide. There is a very active class web site and association newsletters. For class racing, sails are restricted to only a main, small jib and spinnaker with total crew weight at 605 lb.. According to the builder, "There is no better One-Design value available in a 22' keelboat."
The J/22 is used in the USA Women's Match Racing Championship regatta, resulting in the Santa Maria Cup

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  1. CLT65

    Jennings J22 and eBay

    I have this little thing, given to me long ago. I've only kept it because I don't know what else to do with it. It actually functions well with the right ammo, but it's just not my kind of gun. I could sell it on Gunbroker, but I just don't see it as worth my time. I could try to sell it on...
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