The Gun Club were a highly influential post-punk/ blues band from Los Angeles, California that existed from 1979 to 1996. Created and led by talented maverick singer guitarist and songwriter Jeffrey Lee Pierce, they merged the contemporary genre of punk rock with the more traditional genres of rockabilly and country music along with X, the Flesh Eaters and the Blasters. The Gun Club has been called a "tribal psychobilly blues" band and initiators of the U.S. wave of Cowpunk

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  1. RKP

    Hunter Sight In Days

    Molalla Rifle Club range open this weekend for hunters to check the zero of their rifles before deer season opens. Sept. 25 & 26 9:00 - 6:00 $5/ gun donation Molalla Rifle Club (503) 829-8843
  2. Soren

    Gun Club Forum Suggestion

    Not sure where else to post this. I have a suggestion. Along with the Outdoor Shooting Areas and Business Discussion & Reviews forum categories that are then divided by state, can we add a Gun Club forum category? Then have it divided into state subcategories and then have threads for the...
  3. Soren

    Four Corners Rod & Gun Club

    I joined the Four Corners Rod and Gun Club in Salem a couple weeks ago. Anyone else a member?
  4. etrain16

    National  Anarchists and Guns

    I’m for the gun rights for all Americans. But the red flag goes up when I see ultra extremists asking their fellow extremists to arm themselves. "I’m a left-wing anarchist. Guns aren’t just for right-wingers."
  5. accessbob

    Johnson Creek Gun Club - Fire today?!? 6/4/2019

    My PulsePoint Respond app showed a dispatch at about 11:52AM today for a fire at the Johnson Creek Gun Club. Does anyone know if that was accurate and, if so, what happened? The call looks like it was a total of about 3¼ hours.
  6. Squash_edc

    Gun clubs

    what are some good gun clubs but the in or around the Portland area? I’d prefer a nice place that has a decent sized rifle range (300-500 yards) and a nice pistol range but if they are only one or the other I wouldn’t mind the suggestions.
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