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The National Initiative for Administration and Change in Syria (NIACS) Arabic: المبادرة الوطنية للإدارة والتغيير في سوريا‎ is a Syrian political party. It is led by Hassan al-Nouri, a wealthy businessman and previous Minister and member of parliament who stood in the Syrian presidential election, 2014 receiving 500,279 votes, 4.3% of the total cast.The party stands for economic liberalism and change in Syria, pledging to redistribute the wealth of the few ruling families in the country and rebuild its middle class. It was founded in 2012 and hopes to create some sort of mechanisms of interaction between corporations and communities within the country. NIACS sees an effective economy as the best way to halt further covert U.S., Saudi and Israeli aggression and oppose the sole ruler system the new Constitution of Syria was meant to challenge.NIACS also strongly supports Syrian government action against rebel groups in the Syrian Civil War taking a hard line on corruption at home and abroad, criticizing the American-led intervention in Syria and the Free Syrian Army for it. Despite losing the election, al-Nouri said, "The coalition is done for now that corruption has seeped into it, and I am optimistic in achieving victory soon."The party had hoped to woo voters with the slogan "Upgrading Economic Legislation".

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