"Get Together", also known as "Let's Get Together", is a song written in the mid-1960s by American singer-songwriter Chet Powers, also known as Dino Valenti.
The song is an appeal for peace and brotherhood, presenting the polarity of love versus fear, and the choice to be made between them. It is best remembered for the impassioned plea in the lines of its refrain, which is repeated several times in succession to bring the song to its conclusion.

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  1. Reno

    Get together NFWC? Saturday 17th Nov?

    What do you say? Give lane 3 a proper send off this upcoming Saturday the 17th? Around 8-9? Maybe someone get there early to get the spot. @Cogs @Cosimel @Timbertodd @ConcernedCitizen @coyoteman5 @Lazyfaire @stick655 @P7id10T @Kruel J I know I’m forgetting others that come to our cleanups...
  2. Caveman Jim

    NWFA Northern Washington Get Together

    Well folks it is time to find a time & place to have a shindig up here in Washington. My only stipulation is to boycott Seattle & all of King county. Other than that, what say you? Let's put some collective thoughts out there and get this thing going. :D An "I'M IN, LETS DO IT" would help us see...
  3. Joe Link

    NWFA Food & Beer Get Together - Saturday, February 24th - 6PM - PDX

    NWFA Food & Beer Get Together - Saturday, February 24th - 6:00PM-11:30PM Long overdue, we've finally set a date for our next get together! All NWFA members, family, and friends are encouraged to attend! This is a great time to come hang out and meet fellow members. While there's always debate...
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