A fuel is any material that can be made to react with other substances so that it releases chemical or nuclear energy as heat or to be used for work. The concept was originally applied solely to those materials capable of releasing chemical energy but has since also been applied to other sources of heat energy such as nuclear energy (via nuclear fission and nuclear fusion).
The heat energy released by reactions of fuels is converted into mechanical energy via a heat engine. Other times the heat itself is valued for warmth, cooking, or industrial processes, as well as the illumination that comes with combustion. Fuels are also used in the cells of organisms in a process known as cellular respiration, where organic molecules are oxidized to release usable energy. Hydrocarbons and related oxygen-containing molecules are by far the most common source of fuel used by humans, but other substances, including radioactive metals, are also utilized.
Fuels are contrasted with other substances or devices storing potential energy, such as those that directly release electrical energy (such as batteries and capacitors) or mechanical energy (such as flywheels, springs, compressed air, or water in a reservoir).

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  1. ATCclears

    Natural-gas pipeline blast in BC impacts garbage trucks in greater Seattle

    <broken link removed> snippet: PRINCE GEORGE, British Columbia - Garbage and recycling pickup was called off for customers in much of King and Snohomish Counties for Thursday because of the natural gas pipeline explosion in British Columbia. Waste Management said the blast disrupted the...
  2. RicInOR

    diesel + hydrogen = 33% increase in fuel efficiency

    If you get 6 miles/gal this would take you to 8. Which seems like kind of a big deal. This company may have solved one of the hardest problems in clean energy The first product, scheduled to debut in April, is the key to everything else.
  3. Chance Paladin

    Gas Stations with no power

    I wanted to make a thread specifically about gas stations and no power. I'm hoping this doesn't turn into a generator discussion, but if that is literally the only solution, then maybe we can talk about why? I haven't seen any new references online, so I'm just wondering if it's knee-jerk like...
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