"DMV" is a song by the rock band Primus. Interscope Records asked Primus to release this song together with its video.
The video was featured in Beavis and Butt-head.
It has been played live on Lollapalooza '93 and some concerts of 2003 Tour de Fromage.
This song is also featured in Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People and in the compilation album They Can't All Be Zingers.
The song failed to chart.

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  1. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  Friend infringed by the DMV

    My friend asked for help in purchasing her first firearm today. We looked at a few and she decided on a Ruger at BiMart. The clerk was taking forever to find the box so I gave her the lowdown on the 4473 and left her to her purchase. Since she recently moved and did not get a sticker from the...
  2. R

    DMV Can't add, but they don't have to! Stupid me

    Went to the local DMV to transfer a title, pay for registration (new tags), and pay a fee to keep my old plates. I knew exactly how much it would be, and counted out the exact amount on the counter as the clerk was filling out their portion of the paperwork. He finally says "that will be xxx...
  3. etrain16

    Does a CHL Count as ID if....

    I am renewing my OR ODL? My ODL is up in March and I have to go in to renew. Now, I find this a bit odd, but I am required to bring in a piece of ID to prove I'm a citizen. While I'm glad they are verifying this, I have to wonder, this license, which I've had since 1985 and renewed several times...
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