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A depth charge is an anti-submarine warfare weapon. It is intended to destroy a submarine by being dropped into the water nearby and detonating, subjecting the target to a powerful and destructive hydraulic shock. Most depth charges use high explosive charges and a fuze set to detonate the charge, typically at a specific depth. Depth charges can be dropped by ships, patrol aircraft, and helicopters.
Depth charges were developed during World War I, and were one of the first effective methods of attacking a submarine underwater. They were widely used in World War I and World War II. They remained part of the anti-submarine arsenals of many navies during the Cold War. Depth charges have now largely been replaced by anti-submarine homing torpedoes.
A depth charge fitted with a nuclear warhead is known as a "nuclear depth bomb". These were designed to be dropped from a patrol plane or deployed by an anti-submarine missile from a surface ship, or another submarine, located a safe distance away. All nuclear anti-submarine weapons were withdrawn from service by the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China in or around 1990. They were replaced by conventional weapons whose accuracy and range had improved greatly as ASW technology improved.

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  1. pinne65

    Hornsby 308 150gr FMJBT seating depth

    I'm shooting a Remington 700 sps tac. And know I don't need to seat at the cannelure. But I'm just not able to even reach the lands to start backing off. Cases ate 2.005 and the bullets are out so far they look like they d fall out by them selves. I'm testing two loads w IMR 4064, 45.5 & 46...
  2. pharmseller

    Compressed loads and seating depth question

    I'm trying 25.5 grains of Varget with a 70 grain RDF in my .223. At this charge the load is compressed, even with the bullet seated out a ways (2.281"). My question is, will the pressure from the powder in the case prevent me from seating to SAAMI specifications? I want to try a seating depth...
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