Classified advertising is a form of advertising which is particularly common in newspapers, online and other periodicals which may be sold or distributed free of charge. Classified advertisements are much cheaper than larger display advertisements used by businesses, although display advertising is more widespread.

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  1. kylej24

    How to move thread to different thread

    Title Or if not possible, can a Moderator move my Haley Strategic inserts ad from Parts and Accessories to Non-Firearms Classifieds? Thanks
  2. M

    An interesting response to a classified pistol ad in Oregon

    I posted my pistol in a Columbia gorge classified list of which guns are allowed to be sold. I made a point that the gun would be transferred at an FFL only. Hi! You are a bubbleguming idiot for selling a GUN on classifieds. You have NO IDEA what they will use it for OR if they have any training...
  3. RainMan_PNW

    Fixed  Filter section at top of classifieds can't be collapsed

    Yesterday, when I first logged in, I could expand/collapse the filters section. Now I can't, and it takes up a considerable amount of precious screen real estate... On a 1920x1080 monitor using Chrome browser, between the site header, the tabbed menu section, the sub-menu, the quick...
  4. S

    Just Saw a Walnut Mini 14 FS on Medford Mail Tribune Classifieds

    I was just checking out the Sporting Goods section of the Medford Mail Tribune classifieds and saw this ad: "Ruger Mini-14, Walnut stock, Tack Driver, $495, 541-488-4882" I have no connection with the seller but thought I would let you all know about the ad since it would be a good price if it...
  5. L

    New Member Classifieds.

    Has any consideration been given to restrict classified ad posting to new members? I have seen an onslaught of ads recently posted by folks who literally have zero previous posts. It seems to me that NWF should be a place where firearm owners come to share/exchange information. Allowing new...
  6. robertvarner

    Question on Rifle Classifieds

    The Community Rules require a person to wait 7-days to re-post a classified for the same item. I have created an ad, and find I need to change the Thread heading. I can't find a way to change the Thread Heading once the thread has been created. If I want to change the heading of a thread for an...
  7. D

    Classifieds mini-rant...

    With maybe a little grammar nazi thrown in. Would it really kill some of you to use a capitol occasionally, and how about a period once in awhile? Also, a dollar sign in front of(not behind) the price could prove helpful, I was just looking at an ad for a gun I know nothing about, the way the...
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