A gun buyback program is one instituted to purchase privately owned firearms. The goal, when purchasing is done by the police, is to reduce the number of firearms owned by civilians, and provide a process whereby civilians can sell their privately owned firearms to the government without risk of prosecution. In most cases, the agents purchasing the guns are local police when purchasing firearms for the government.

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  1. bentoncity

    Stolen revised content for all to send to your elected official.

    I "appropriated" most of this from here. (John Hawkins|Posted: Oct 07, 2017 12:01 AM) I did rewrite portions to make it my own which I suggest everyone do if you use it. I sent it to my elected reps. I hope others use it as a template for their own message. We need to get our voices heard...
  2. DB is Here

    Other State  Swalwell Posts Gun Buyback poll, Instantly regrets it.

    Rep. Eric Swalwell on Twitter
  3. svxr8dr

    Washington  FOIA Request on Bump Stock Turn-In

    Possible attempt to dox Washingtonian Gun Owners who complied with the bump stock turn in to the WSP. Washington State: Is FOIA Request on Bump Stock Turn-In an Attempt to Dox Gun Owners
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