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  1. Hood

    156 grain Norma Alaska ammunition 6.5x55 swede?

    The norma website says they still make it but I can't find anywhere who sells it or who can order it. I have 2 boxes of older stuff but want more. Any ideas?
  2. Hood

    30.06 brass okay to use for 6.5 swede reloads?

    Bought some 6.5 swede reloads on norma brass but some are 30.06 brass. Is that brass okay to shoot? I assume it is but figured i would ask.
  3. bobdog308

    Barnes TSX 120 out of a 6.5x55 Swede

    .....blender death...bullet shot at 100 yards into 3 ft of 7/8 thick plywood slabs. 2750 fps. Bullet penetrated 16 inches before coming to rest.
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