"Zero correlation between state homicide rate and state gun laws"

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    ***My apologies for duplicating an existing thread - I've been away too long.***

    Here is a fact-based, carefully worded, nonjudgmental analysis from the Washington Post which quantitatively demonstrates that there is no correlation between guns laws and homicide rates at the state level.
    The thesis is that gun-control laws may reduce gun homicide rates, but not overall homicide rates, just as they do not reduce the overall suicide rate - only the gun-suicide rate.
    Evidence like this of course has no effect on those who are already fully committed to confiscation, their logic being that we only need even more of the same failed policies to make it work this time. So I'm not about to post the foregoing links to the Bloomberg site; it's our duty to stick to fact-based argument, and let them do what they will.
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