Your significant other and your guns?

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Just wondering how other folks' significant others view their ownership of firearms and if you converted your better half to a gun person or vice versa.

I was married for twenty years to the only child of an Iowa F... Wait, we can't use that term here... Her dad was a devout Christian who only bought a shotgun a month before Y2K, "just in case".

She had never fired a gun and had no interest. But, she believed that they were necessary and generally supported my habit. She fired a handgun twice in twenty years. When we divorced, she wanted the S&W 640 that I bought her.

Since the divorce in 2013, I have been careful to only date conservative women. Which has been tough to find over here on the East side. I just turned 50, and finding a good woman between 35 and 55 that is conservative, Christian, sane, no crazy ex, and is fit enough to, and wants to enjoy the outdoors is like winning the lottery.

Finally did that last Christmas right after my birthday when I met my current girlfriend.

She is from California (booooo!), and Southern California at that, (double booooo!) but her family are good Christians and conservative. She moved up here 13 years ago with her ex-husband. Her parents and three sisters soon followed and embraced the rural Idaho lifestyle. Her ex didn't and left to go live in Vegas ten years ago.

We've been friends through work for about three years and have mutual friends. I wrongly assumed she was too young for me(she's 41, but looks in her late twenties) and a liberal, since she is Hispanic (her dad immigrated illegally from Mexico in the 70's), from California, and a Raiders fan.

I admit I stereotyped her and was totally wrong.

So, she asked me to help her become more proficient with guns and I have been teaching her slowly and we've had only one range session due to the weather. She goes with me to my monthly GSSF matches and is saving up for a Sig P365 (though I'm trying to convince her to look at less expensive options).

But, it's been wonderful being with someone that has an interest in my passion for firearms and encourages me and supports me when I am shopping for the next gun.

But I hear stories from other guys that have wives or girlfriends that are either ambivalent towards guns, or outright hostile towards them.

I can't imagine the kind of friction and conflict that could cause in a relationship.

Or maybe it doesn't... I don't know.


I feel your pain man. Younger but in the same boat. Here in Oregon its like fishing for a prized blue Marlin in a cesspool.. little hope if any at all.

In the past Ive had all but 3 “tolerate” firearms but they didnt wuite understand the hobby or the politics that come with firearm ownership and the lifestyle (as MANY liberals don’t).

Im at a point now where its my way or the highway when it comes to politics and my support of the second Amendment. Just can’t cater to their ignorant opinions anymore. Not worth it and it never works out anyway.. Ill still cast my reel in the portland dating cesspool.. but hope is dismal. Glad you found one!

Its always an interesting conversation when actively dating in liberal areas.
My wife is pro gun, although it's pretty much my hobby, she couldn't tell you the difference between an M1 or a Lee-Enfield. She does like shooting, but she is left handed and doesnt like semi-autos for that reason. She also does not tolerate recoil very well. Her favorites are my security six with mild .38 hand loads, and my marlin 336 .30-30.

One day I would like for her to be able to shoot a truly left handed AR and if she liked it I would build one for her.

I forgot to mention I'm also converting her family too. They weren't pro or anti gun really, just neutral. But I've taken her mom and dad to the range several times and they really enjoy it, last month her dad bought his first gun ever, a Glock 19:)
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i walked into the kitchen last night with a new shotgun... “hey babe, nice lookin 12ga” says my wife.


her dads an Army vet, Hunter and gun enthusiast. she never was super into guns but grew up around them. she carries concealed and goes shooting with me every once in a while :)
I'm in my mid 40s and never had a problem dating until the last year or two. I've had so many great relationships that didn't work out. I almost kick myself for not trying harder back in the day, when great women seem to be a normal constant thing in my life.

Like probably most of you, I'm very pro-gun and have conservative, patriotic, pro-Constitution values. I'm a veteran and have moved around a lot. I've lived in 8 states, traveled around the world, and so forth. I've found the PNW to be a dry hole for finding good women who share my values. I've found a couple but they had other serious drawbacks.

I'm almost certainly moving away to greener pastures, so that makes dating here nearly impossible. Most women in my dating range (30-40) have a kid or more or have a family here and are unwilling or unable to move. So, add that to the extreme difficulty and it's indeed a needle in a haystack.

All I can say from experience - 1st and 2nd hand - hold out for Ms Right. Don't settle. Don't get desperate. Date yourself, enjoy learning things, making friends, having experiences, hobbies, etc. That's pretty much what I'm doing until I can determine how I can exit this rotten Anti-Gunner "utopia."
I've found the PNW to be a dry hole for finding good women who share my values. I've found a couple but they had other serious drawbacks.
*Thread Drift Alert*

I was 44 and living in Arizona when my wife wanted a divorce. The next day, I joined a dating site to see what the playing field looked like. I was living in the Prescott, AZ area. I put in my credentials that were extremely picky: 30-45yrs old, no kids at home, fit, thin build, conservative, Christian, non-smoker, loved the outdoors. I restricted it to a 10-mile radius.

Over 200 results!

I started getting messages within minutes. I then deleted my account and focused on the divorce and rebuilding my life.

Moved up to Idaho, got a job, bought another house, lost a bunch of weight, and decided I was ready to find a new partner.

Same dating site. Just changed my location info. Results: 0.

Changed radius to 25 miles. No results. 50 miles. No results.

Then I started losing criteria such as no kids at home, thin build, and got about 20 results within 50 miles. Maybe one or two that I found attractive.

I tried every major dating site I could find and all had the same disappointing results. I think I went on one date in a year and she was nice but there was no chemistry so we decided to be friends. Still friends on Facebook.

My theory is that Arizona is rife with middle-aged male losers. Most men my age there seemed to go through a "bro" phase in which they got a tattoo, then a lot of black shirts, a lifted 4x4 with 22" rims, and got involved in drugs.

Then came the cheating and changing jobs.

Lots of women refused to put up with it or were divorced by the idiots. A guy like me that went to church, was stable, respectful, nice, and didn't cheat was a rare commodity, apparently.

In my ex-wife's office, there were eight women. All except my wife and her boss were divorced. And her boss's husband had been caught cheating twice before and they were about to divorce. Heck, the boss hit on me a couple of times before my divorce.

So I guess there are a lot less jerks and losers up here...
I married at 21, she was ok with guns and would shoot once or twice a year. She was from a large family and half of her brothers hunted. She was from Pennsylvanian where they still close down the schools for the first day of deer season. There average deer take is over three hundred thousand deer a year. The best deer hunting State in this country by far and only a $100 for a non-resident license.
When that relationship went sour i just dated with one thing in mind for years. Wasn't looking for mrs. Right. I didn't care anything about their point of view on life at all.
Any by the way none of the cared anything about guns, but that's neither here or there.

After I got divorsed in 1988 I vowed to NEVER TO.MARRY AGAIN, and i never will. Two things dictate that:
1; I am 100% set in my ways and there is no give or take.
2; When it's time move on there are no kids to fight over, what's yours is yours and what's mine is mine.

It's to late in the game to find and retain Mrs. Right. She most likly doesn't exsist. So i always went with the flow and when crap got to deep it was on to greener grass.
The one I am living with (we have been together for 19 years) is ok with guns, knows they are necessary, but doesn't want nothing to do with them. Our political views are mixed, i am 95% republican, 5% non political.
She had one daughter who turned out to be a POS. She had three kids that we have raised since they came into the world. My friend & shooting partner Mason, he will be eight years old June 20th. I already bought him a single shot 20 gauge for his birthday. I bought him a Savage Rascle two Christmases ago. I take him shooting every weekend when the weather is good from spring until snow comes and we can't get up in the mountains. We go for the day, not one time has he asked to go home.
In this relationship she does her thing and I do mine. She likes to watch TV and gamble at the casino or bingo hall. I do my pigeons and play with guns. Last year I spent over $6,500 on my gun hobby. I started keeping track of every dollar spent on my gun hobby last year. It is extra fun taking Mason from a new born baby and turn him into a 100% gun enthuseist. He is a better shot them most of the guys I shoot with both rifle & handgun. So living together really paid off. Mason was tje biggest benifit out of this relationship.
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My wife is ambivalent on guns. She doesn't understand calibers or how recoil works. She Will shoot my 9mm handgun for a fee magazines then gets bored.

She would prefer I spent less money on them.
You have described my wife's take on guns perfectly. Though she did earn a merit badge for shooting from the Girl Scouts.
I lean Libertarian, wife is hard left...somehow we have survived almost 20 years together ( 17th wedding anniversary is this year )
If every gun on the planet disappeared it would be fine with her, no interest/borderline hostile towards them.
I love her to death but some of her views make me go :rolleyes:

What's funny....her dad shoots PR matches with me, and has since we met, and I am slowly corrupting our kids...:D
My wife has had some sway in our 11 years. She has experienced suicide in her family as a child. She grew up outside of the US but her dad was a cop. But the old school that never drew their gun in 20 years.

She never had a problem when I took my step daughter shooting 22s. She wouldn't shoot at all until a year or so ago. The better she gets, the more she likes them. I've built a few rifles with her in mind. I think I nailed it with the AR pistol. I asked her if she wants her own gun, she says, I'll just take one of yours (right:s0114:).


Mine was afraid when we got married. Since then she has realized they aren’t evil. Doesn’t have an issue with rifles but still sees pistols as a human killing tool. As an RN in a baby field, she is all about being in life so the two don’t mesh well.

Soon she is going to get another hands on experience. Last range trip we left when she was a blubbering mess.

Ok with them, just not for her.
My wifey likes guns but does not have a strong desire to go shoot mainly when it is cold out. However, whenever I go she wants to tag along and shoot her custom P09 for as long as her hands can handle it, then she shoots the MP 15/22 for the rest of the time. One thing she really likes is our metal plate rack because she likes the noise it makes on impact.


My wife was open minded to it, went shooting with her dad a bit when she was younger. She was a little nervous at first but wanted to go shooting with me. Spent many days at tri-county gun club.

Now, well we just bought matching concealed carry handguns for our 5yr anniversary so I think I've converted her. :)

Her grip strength could still use some work, I gotta stop opening all the jars of pickles for her.
When I first married my bride 30 years ago I didn't own any guns so no issues. When our first was on the way, I brought home a shotgun one evening. She looked at it and said "I don't want any guns in our home".

I said "When I married you, I also took on the role of provider & protector and how I decide to protect this family is my choice". She looked at me and decided by my demeanor that I wasn't going to back down and she said "Ok".

Since then many other of these tools have come into our home and I raised my 4 daughters to respect firearms and how to operate them. My wife will go shooting with me, but it's not and will likely never be a passion for her.
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