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your 4th of July sacrafice

Discussion in 'Events & Get Togethers' started by probasco, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. probasco

    probasco abeaversboro Member

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    I KNOW EVERYONE HAS SOME PLANS BUT I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE ANY AND ALL TO PARTICIPATE IN THE 4TH PARADE IN HILLSBORO OREGON WITH THE PATRIOT RESISTANCE. You will be done by noon and will have been part of a cause that needs our attention, the kind of attention only large crowds provide.

    your country needs you!

    here is a link


    times and location are at the link.
  2. treemanx

    treemanx Spray, Or. Active Member

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    Im not a member of facebook, nor do I intend to be at any future time. Do you have any links to another site discribing this event, that dosent require me to register to view it?
  3. coctailer

    coctailer Portland, OR/Hastings, MI/Vancouver,WA I run with scissors.

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    I couldn't open it. I don't have Outlook on my 'puter.
  4. UncalledForGabe

    UncalledForGabe Aloha Or. Member

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    Resistnet.com has some info
  5. probasco

    probasco abeaversboro Member

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    take part in the second-largest parade in the state
    Portland Tea Party
    Causes - Rally
    Saturday, July 4, 2009
    7:30am - 1:00pm
    Hillsboro Rotary 4th of July Parade staging area (details to follow)
    401 NE Lincoln St.
    Hillsboro, OR

    View Map

    Walk, carry signs, hand out flyers to the 10,000 spectators lining the streets, and show your fellow Oregonians that we care deeply about our government and we want it to live within our means.

    Bring your Tea Party and related signs, dress up, bring your kids, and have fun. The first 20 people at the assembly area may get t-shirts (or order one in advance for $6). Dress Code: red shirt, blue pants/skirt, white hat is a bonus.

    After the parade we will gather in front of the Public Services Building, also in downtown Hillsboro (a brief walk from the parade route) and have a RALLY and PROTEST in favor of responsible government spending -- we will hear inspirational speakers, we will sing patriotic songs, and we'll invite everyone to take the Citizen's Oath to protect and defend the Constitutions of Oregon and the United States of America.
    UPDATE 25-JUN:
    The parade organizers have given us our assembly point: we are gathering at "assembly point #5" -- on NE Lincoln St. between 3rd and 6th Ave, two blocks north of the "Hillsboro Central" Max stop.

    (Additional details are at http://www.hillsbororotary.org/)

    Things you need to know:
    1. the parade route is through downtown Hillsboro as it always is
    2. there will be almost no parking nearby, so wiser folks will park at Sunset Transit or at the Hillsboro Fairgrounds or some other park-and-ride location, and ride the Max in; if you are bringing one of the five vehicles, you must enter Hillsboro on 1st Ave and drive east down Lincoln.
    3. We assemble between 6:30 AM and 8 AM -- eat breakfast first and bring snacks and water; some breakfast options are available nearby -- yes it really is that early
    4. Dress code is bright red shirt and blue pants/skirt/whatever. White hat is a bonus. Wear layers as the cool morning will turn hot.
    5. Signs are encouraged provided they are issue-oriented and do not bash one person or party ("Bush was Awful and Obama is Worse" is okay; "Stop Obama" is not okay.) I (Tom) will police all signs and will eject signs (and uncooperative people) as I see fit, so check in first. NOTE: We have dozens of extra signs; the sign rules are looser at the Rally at noon
    6. We will try to accommodate folks who cannot walk by giving them space in a vehicle or on a flatbed - request that EARLY please
    7. First 100 people can buy a special red commemorative t-shirt for $6
    8. The parade starts at 10 AM and we may be told to start walking before that
    9. There is NO place to change clothes and only a few Honey Buckets
    10. We need lots of volunteers before and during the parade
    11. There is a RALLY after we walk, at/near 155 NE 1st, at noon
  6. tionico

    tionico Thurston County Well-Known Member

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    Sounds great, but I'lll be busy all day wiring up over five hundred large shots for a professional fireworks show in Maple Valley, Washington..... product is set to arrive on site late Friday, we'll open the magazine and begin to place the rounds in their appropriate tubes, already set up on Thursday and Friday. Then we have to wire all the electric matches so, when the appropriate button is pushed, the proper round ignites and goes to do its stuff......

    anyone who lives up that way is more than welcome.. the show is the annual Lake Wilderness picnic and fireworks display, sponsored by the City of Maple Valley. We're doing the pyro show.... and have for a number of years. Great show, our "chief pyro" has a great sense of things, and does a good job of choreographing the display. Always a crowd pleaser. Admission to the park and show is free..... the show itself starts at ten PM sharp..... the place is always crowded, so getting there early helps assure good positioning.

    If you DO show up, and its still early, pop round to the cordoned off area (the safey zone, manned to keep non-pyro crew folk out.. BATFE rules, not our preference) and ask one of the monitors to go to the firing zone area and ask for "Nick"... that's me, I'd love to meet anyone who shows up. I can't get you back into the blast zone, but at least we could meet and chat for a few..... we're usually done with set up, and on into the testing phase, by about four PM..... so, between 1600 and about 2100, unless I'm detailed to sort out some problem, I should be able to come meet.