X-Fynder telescopic sight, anybody?

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    Anybody ever heard of this brand of telescopic sight from the early 50's? When I acquired my 2" Unertl scope off our late secretary, along with the leather carrying case came a fibre-board box containing two brochures giving details of this scope, and a letter on fitting it to his BSA rifle, dated May 1952.

    As you can see from the pamphlet, it looks just like a 1" Unertl scope, but has a novel for the time central focusing ring and a built-in 'Glauser' level bubble.


    Although it calims to be British, it seems to have been a hybrid - part of the blurb is in American syntax and the other part is definitively English.

    It appears from the blurb to be made in x20 only. Mounts are of the early non-POSA style as fitted to many other brands of similar configuration.


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