Selling some new, unfired complete uppers to fund other projects.

These are made with phosphate finished ESS barrels: 1 in 7 rate of twist, 16" medium contour similar to a M4 barrel profile with a correctly taper pinned, factory A2 front sight.
ESS barrels are made from stress relieved barstock 4140 Chrome moly. These barrels are not “Chrome Lined”.

These uppers feature:
Standard flat top receiver (no rear sight included)
Standard 1/2x28 threads with a birdcage flashhider.
Standard M4 oval handguards.
Standard carbine length gas system

$450 for a barreled upper receiver with Nickel Boron bolt group ( gas keys may have minor blemishes) and standard charging handle.
$430 for a barreled upper recevier with standard phosphate bolt group and standard charging handle.
$300 for a barreled upper recevier (no bolt group or charging handle will be included)

Add $20 shipping for the uppers.

New, Troy TRX Extreme free float forends in FDE ( I do not have any in Black). Ive had these awhile and it's time to sell them since I havent ordered the barrels for them yet. NIB, most are still factory sealed. I've opened a couple to inspect and take pics. These include the factory barrel nut and wrench and 3 rail sections.

2x 9"
4x 11" VTAC models

$155 shipped ea.

Photos of the box labels and of the 2 types of forends compared to a standard 16" carbine gas system barrel. You'll need to use a lowpro gas block with a carbine length gas system.

I accept cash, MOs or cards over the phone (add4%) .
Prices are firm.

Trades I'm interested in:
$400 used Glock/Sig/ M&P/Beretta 92/XD-XDM pistols (PD trades welcome)
decent US made 1911
Mossberg MVP in .223
Savage Hog Hunter in .308 or other Savage threaded muzzle .308
762x54R Vepr magazines
US made ESEE/Ranger/Ontario/Gerber fixed blade knives
Possibly interested in other firearms trades, however I'm not interested in used $600 stock Glocks



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