WTS Brazo's Customs 2011 Magazines, 126mm Magazines, Bladetech Holster

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    Supertuned Mags and Holster Sold. 2X126mm Magazines Available

    Howdy All!
    After shooting USPSA in limited for about 10 months I finally broke down and drank the kool-aid… and decided to move to open. I am therefore liquidating all of my STI 40 S&W gear in preparation for the move to 9mm major. I have for sale today:
    3 x Brazo’s Customs Super Tuned 40 S&W Magazines (90.00 each shipped) These magazines have the grams guts, and dawson basepads. They show some wear marks, but are functionally fine. I can load 20 rounds, however due to the design of the magazine the follower will lock back the slide after round 19 is fired. This is universal for all Brazo’s supertuned magazines.
    3 x Stock STI 126mm Magazines with Dawson Precision +100 baseplates (50.00 each shipped)
    1 x Blade Tech DOH holster for STI 2011 (50.00 shipped)

    Brazo’s Super Tuned Magazines

    Stock STI 126mm Magazines

    Bladetech Stingray

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