Would you spend $25 on a target stand?

I am thinking about trying to come up with a simple target stand that I could manufacture and sell direct. My first product would be a simple pair of angle T legs that you simply screw to any board. I would make them so they broke down to ship in a board game flat rate box. Best guess at the moment is they would be $25 + $15 shipping. They would be powdercoated and come with hardware.

Would you buy them? Why or why not? Honastly I have some ulterior motives. My thought is if I can come up with and market a legitimate product I can then deduct some of my shooting expences as "testing & design". I need to be able to show its a viable product though that Is intended to make a profit. Any other ideas for metal targets or holders would be appreciated as well.


Nice but no I wouldn't. Similar stands can and are being made cheaper out of scrap wood, pvc, new furring strips, scrap metal for those of us with access to a welder etc.

People want portable, easy to set up, reactive targets and are willing to pay. Get creative and you'll make money!
I know no matter how cheap they are they won't be as cheap as a couple of scrap 2 x 4's and I know that's what most would use.

The issue with reactive targets is there are a number of local outfits already making them as cheap as they can be made. I've done a bit of research and unless you have your own $20,000 plasma table (and I don't) the cost of AR500 plate plus the burning and painting costs about equal the retail price for the targets. I know those $200, $300 and $500 target systems seem expensive but they are dirt cheap when you look at the actual cost involved.

The other thing is I would only need to sell a few dozen a year to make it a legitimate business venture. The idea that I then could buy ammo and shooting supply's as a legitimate business expense is pretty attractive.

I have several other targets and stands that I think would be more desirable to most folks but none of them are economically shipable and since I have no intention of setting up at the gun shows there is no practical way for me to market them. I don't think there is enough money to involve a middle man either. I have to make some profit or it dosent make since it is taking shop time away from other profitable work.


I'm handy with tools so probably not, but I know many people who would.

I would add a third piece at a 45 degree on the back of each that would allow you to hinge the stand down to just a single section of angle iron.

And I agree with the above, reactive targets are where the money's at.
This is one of the best .22 / Handgun targets I have because it's easy to make any kind if target or replace what ever is shot up. It's just two triangles and a rod. The targets just slip on the rod. image.jpg The angle of the legs pinches the rod so there is no other mechanical attachment. You simply pick it up and it all comes apart. The issue is each leg of the triangle is 6 feet. It's light enough but it won't fit in most cars. I could figure out how to make the whole thing bolt together but you still have to deal with 6 foot chunks which makes shipping prohibitive. Plus you are talking like $125 which is quite a bit for something you can only shoot at with a handgun or .22
"I've done a bit of research and unless you have your own $20,000 plasma table (and I don't) the cost of AR500 plate plus the burning and painting costs about equal the retail price for the targets. I know those $200, $300 and $500 target systems seem expensive but they are dirt cheap when you look at the actual cost involved."

Without going into detail, reactive targets could be made with cheap enough materials. I've drawn up plenty of plans (on the back of napkins, LOL), where you shoot a sacrificial/expendable part of the target and that triggers something new to pop up or drop etc. It could be made where 3 or 4 things react before resetting is required.
The trick is in portability IMHO.
You could make the legs in smaller sections and use those pins that take a cotter pin or a sm bolt and wing nut, then you could cut the legs and support stand pieces in 2' or 18" pieces that would make it more portable also if you hadheavier plate steel were you could shoot a larger cal. I would buy one. Yes it would cost more.
Also something to think about is a business only has to be profitable once every 5 yrs at least that's what my old CPA said when I had my business. I would double check though that was 8 yrs ago.
Also market them on the internet!
Just my thoughts
I saw one of these and even though I do steel work I would buy one. It worked real well and looked easy to put up and take down.

I am using one of these as well. The expensive part is small and supposedly self healing, so it will take some abuse (I haven't hit mine yet). The rebar is cheap and easy to get, the whole thing takes up little space and works well. Personally, I am done shooting plywood or wooden targets.


If you could find a way to build something that is compact, stackable so I could fit four together, and fits in the passenger seat of the car, I'd be all over it. Many of these solutions are great if you have a truck, but I don't.
I'll have to go back to the drawing board. The idea with "The Last Stand" is a good one but because it uses that 1/2" re-bar its awful wonky. Maybe that is just the sacrifice you need to make to get it cheap and portable. Most of my personal targets and stands are big and heavy. They are really nice to shoot but not so much to move around.

. Personally, I am done shooting plywood or wooden targets.
So what do you use to sight in a gun? That stand does not seem well suited for hanging a paper target without something?


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