Winchester M37 RedLetter and IAC Hawk 982*SPF*

Discussion in 'Shotgun Classifieds' started by CowardlyHero, Jul 10, 2012.

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    First up the Winchester 37, its a 12ga with a 30" barrel. Got this in trade to try my hand at busting clays, figured out I am not any good at it so making room in the safe.
    Can look at pictures here. Thinking $200obo.

    Next up Hawk 982, its basically an 870 with a metal trigger housing, ghost ring sights and 6 shell mag tube. Was my HD shotgun but I am upgrading to semi-auto. Had knoxx stock installed and will come with the original as well. Again pics can be found here $220

    FTF Auburn/Federal Way area
    Really hoping for a Finnish M39 but my attention wanders rather easily so if you have something other then a shotgun(excepting a mossberg 930spx) snub-nose revolver, small handgun or .22lr(possibly a top break revolver) I might be interested. No cash to add on my end but might throw in my kel-tec p-11 for the right trade.
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