WTS OR Winchester lever action rifle cardboard product boxes

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    The rifles that went with these got traded off quickly at a gun show and I didn't have time to dig them out to give to the buyer.

    I just came across them and I know some people like to have these boxes for their rifles even if the serial numbers don't match.

    One is an off-white with light brown stripe color box for a Model 94 Trapper carbine

    The other is a brown color box for a Buffalo Bill commemorative 20" barrel octagon marked on the end of it.

    $5 each - not looking to make a profit, just make it worth my time to deal with this rather than throw them in the trash.

    Will not ship unless you send me a prepaid shipping label and then I will not guarantee that they get there in good shape.

    I go into west downtown Portland every weekday, pass through both Beaverton and Hillsboro. Occasionally get down to Salem.

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